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The Maestas Family

Crystal is the mom of 2 adorable children, and together they make the most beautiful family!

I was lucky enough to get to capture how fun and playful they all are together, and one of the things that melted my heart was how obvious it was that crystal is so proud of both her stunning children…

Baby Noah had his first trip down the slide , and Alexis was excited to be missing school the next day to go to the rodeo!

Thank you for letting me show the world how much fun your family is!



The Seno family …..

I had the opportunity to photograph the Seno family this week. Allison, Mike & Mikey were so much fun!

Allison & Mike are an adorable couple, who after 12 years of marriage are still so obivously in love. After I asked Allison how long they had been married she replied ” and he still makes my heart flutter” … how sweet is that!

There son Mikey plays in little league, and is quite the smarty pants telling me all about the explorers he is studying in school. He was making me laugh the entire time, such a great kid!

Thanks for letting me capture your beautiful family!!!!

Road trip to Az …

Many many many years ago my sister’s and I wore matching stretch pants. This was before they were referred to as “leggings”. How could you not be bonded for life after that?

The three of us are all totally different, and somehow are parts make up the perfect sister puzzle. So to be separated from my other 2 pieces for too long usually results in withdrawals. Thus the invention of the “sister trip”.

We try to have a sister trip as often as our busy lives allow. This time my baby sis and I headed up to middle sister’s place in AZ to stay for a few days of giggles, frozen yogurt, snuggles with our nephew and general sister bonding…..

After a long 7+ hour drive ( and a quick phoenix side trip to visit another friend) I determined that next time we will be flying. This was in part due to the STUPID fact that Arizona freeways have radar enforced camera’s on them preventing you from speeding. LAME.

We also filled our days with sugar cookies, and lunch dates and many visit’s to the local parks for playtime with our little guy (nephew). Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make it seem so BIG and full of love.


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