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The Ritchart Family .. America’s Next Top Models!?

This family session was very near to my heart, as I have been friends with this family for many years. I was able to spend a beautiful sunny afternoon with them, and it was nothing short of fun, relaxing and all around awesome.

If you ever have a bad day, and you wonder if there are truly nice people in the world – this family is one of them. There is no way  I could capture in a blog what admiration and respect I have for Mo ( the stunning mother of Amanda) who is one of the most grounded and kind people I know. She might be my long lost fashion twin – we both are addicted to jewelry and handbags and designer jeans.  We have shopped together so many times it numbers in the thousands!

Not only do I think Mo is amazing, but she is also one incredible mom. Her daughter Amanda is the type of girl that parents dream about. Smart, hardworking, dedicated, beautiful (with a beautiful heart too!) and grounded.  She is probably the most traveled person I know ( all this and not even 22 yet… ) which makes me hope that one day she can sneak me in her suitcase on one of her many adventures 😉

Mo’s Hubby Mark, makes you feel instantly at ease. He gave me a fantastic tour of some beautiful area’s I had never been before – spending time with him feels like you have known him for an eternity.

Lastly, the handsome GQ looking model “Rudy” is Amanda’s long time boyfriend. To watch the two of them interact is so sweet, it is obvious that he loves her very much and that he has become a true part of her family. And what a great family to get to be a part of!

Thank so you much for our many years of friendship and for such a wonderful afternoon!



Marlene & Jeff .. USS Nimitz homecoming love story <3

For the last 8 months Marlene has done something I can not even imagine – wait. She has waited and waited and waited for her fiance to come home from his deployment on the USS Nimitz.

Today the wait was FINALLY over, and I was incredibly lucky to photograph the entire event.

You can learn so many things about someone by watching them, and really hearing what they have to say.

I learned that Marlene is a beautiful (inside & out!) , independent, strong, a dog lover, hard working , Palm Springs loving women who goes weak in the knee’s at the very mention of the love of her life – Jeff.

To say she was excited was an understatement. At one point while waiting I told her to breath – I was a little worried she had not taken a breath in a few minutes 😉  As soon as the helicopters landed a mass exodus of eagerly awaiting family stormed the tarmac , and my favorite moment was when Marlene spotted Jeff – and took off running towards him. In heels.

They came together in a huge crashing hug, laughing and crying all at the same time.  It was one of those moments where I am so grateful to get to be a witness to such huge events in people’s lives.

Jeff & Marlene, I send you all my love and thank you for sharing such an unbelievably perfect homecoming with me.



The Szilagyi Family!

Today I got to play paparazzi in the life of the Szilagyi family, photographing the entire beautiful group!

We hit up South Coast Winery in Temecula, California , and the day was just beautiful!

First of all the women in this family have some AMAZING genes, check out the hair! Every one of them with that gorgeous I kinda hate you cause its so awesome could be in a shampoo commercial hair.

The mother of the group was actually mistaken as the twin sister of two of her daughters by a local women wine tasting…. !

I can tell this is the kind of group that has some killer BBQ’s with fantastic food and lots of fun , I am secretly hopeful for an invite 😉

Beautiful kids, beautiful parents, how lucky am I to get to capture all of that!

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your memory today!



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