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Boom Boom Pow, rocking the boudoir!

When I was growing up, like most little girls, I loved to play dress up. Then you get  older, and you get in a hurry and somehow dress up is no longer something we have time to indulge in. How often do you spend a few hours playing in your closet, trying stuff on?

Well I make it a priority to play in my closet. I like being a girl. I like trying new looks out, and experimenting with style and seeing what the end result is.  Style is not about always buying new clothes, or having endless amounts of money – style is about expressing yourself and putting your own unique version on what defines you.

And it all starts underneath your clothes.

How could you not feel inspired to pick out what to wear when you start out with such a sexy fun lingerie set and add a bunch of rocker style chains?

I know that old saying “beauty comes from within” but once it makes it past the inside it has to hit the first layer on the outside – cute undies. Enough said. 🙂

Legally Blonde? No! Legally awesome… Sarah graduates law school!

Today I headed to the beautiful La Jolla Cove. On my way to meet up with Sarah I listened to Bob Marley. Not sure why but the music was speaking to me. Then I met Sarah and it seemed that Bob Marley was indeed a appropriate mood choice for our shoot – mellow, relaxed and easy going.

Sarah is graduating from law school. She is not however some serious over analyzing girl. How do I know this? Well how many girls would actually get into the ocean in there jeans, get fully wet and still laugh about it?! Not many!

I had a incredibly fun time, we had so many things in common. Like we both agreed that old overweight men should not wear speedo’s at the beach. Or that tye dye shirts are not cool, and other common San Diego tourists faux pas.

Clients like Sarah make me enjoy what I do, because I get to be around fun spontaneous moments – with fun people. And Sarah is fun. We managed to practice our jumping skills – and I am sure you will agree with me – she nailed it.

Sarah , Thank you for such a fun WET day! It was awesome!



The Mowrey Family, Practically perfect in every way!

The first time I met Kelly she had just had a baby, and I was the stylist who re-invented her wardrobe. I remember being incredibly impressed that anyone could look that beautiful and put together with a new baby. Then I found out she had 4 children. I was more impressed. Then I discovered she works full time too. Major props.

Not many days after I had a phone call from her husband Eric. He called to thank me for helping his wife, then went on to sing her praises and I realized that her family was one that was full of love and mutual gratitude.

Eric is a pretty amazing husband and father too. He is a wonderfully involved dad, who is totally in love with his wife. And trust me it shows. It did not take much encouragement on my part to get these two to kiss and cuddle – at times it was like I was not even there they were so involved in each others world.

Now let me say this – if I had 4 kids I would be a mess. I mean it.  A real mess. Eric and Kelly showed up at our shoot with all 4 little ones in tow, calm, mellow and relaxed. Hard to believe I know.

As you can see this is one beautiful family. And for 2 hours I was lucky enough to be  a part of it.

Thank you for letting me spend such a fun day with you, it was fantastic!



P.S – best part? Erica falling in the ocean 😉

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