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Trash the dress, Kim & Chris

Many years ago someone asked me how I knew that my husband was the one for me. And my answer was “I just knew”. It goes beyond explanation or logic when you meet the person who is your perfect match, your better other half.  Kim & Chris are also that kind of couple.

Kim and Chris just celebrated there 1 year wedding anniversary. To commemorate the occasion we decided to re-create there wedding day by doing a trash the dress session. I asked them to tell what it was that they felt was important to know and they both shared with me there heritage and that they wanted to pay tribute to there cultural identity. For many reasons Balboa park, San Diego was the perfect place.

When you are a photographer you really notice the subtle things about how people interact with each other. You become trained to look for the small details.

Photographing Kim & Chris was like watching a love story in action. They  complete each other to perfection. It was the small subtle things that were so present in our our shoot – He makes her laugh, and laugh often. He was protective of her in small ways, helping her with her dress or holding her hand.  They would whisper so many little inside jokes resulting in laughs or kisses, I felt lucky to be a part of capturing who they are as a couple. They have unbelievable chemistry – that can not be faked.

Kim & Chris, happy 1st anniversary. More importantly, congratulations on finding the perfect partner to share your lives with, and thank you for letting me photograph that!



Tina Steinberg Designs, Inspired style

Tina Steinberg Designs is more than just a jewelry line, it is a beautifully hand crafted collection of pieces made and inspired by Tina and the world around her.

Her collection has meaning in each piece, open to interpretation by those wearing it.

I was very lucky to get to help her collaborate on her new catalog and shoot the images for this upcoming launch.

To purchase her collection please visit !

Kelly, all you need is love …. and support!

Kelly is loved. Let me tell you how I know this.

She wanted much more than the standard graduation pictures to commemorate her law school graduation. Kelly wanted to also include all the people in her life who helped love and support her during these many years of law school. So along with Kelly , I also captured her awesome boyfriend Kevin ( who is also graduating law school) , both her parents and her grandmother and her brother and his girlfriend! Wow what a group!

To say I was impressed with Kelly would be a total understatement. She has such a beautiful, hardworking, thankful attitude it is no wonder she has been blessed with such a fantastic family. Her parents have been married more than 30 years, and I loved getting to photograph how much they love each other, there children and how proud of there daughter  Kelly they both are.

I love being surprised to learn how many things I have in common with the people I photograph. I learned that Kelly loves to read, and we have several authors we both like. (Maybe she can join my book club!?) She shares my obsession for shopping at anthropologie ( and even wore I dress at the shoot that I own).

Kelly, congratulations on such a unbelievable accomplishment and THANK YOU for letting me get to spend the day with you and your entire awesome family!



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