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Chloe & Jade , Alice in Wonderland make believe …a forest adventure!

When I was a kid we lived in the middle of nowhere (at least when you cant drive and your parents work it feels like your stuck in the middle of nowhere) and so every summer meant playing with my sisters outside. We had a GIANT backyard, we grew up in a place where people lived on acres of land (not tiny little backyards like we are used to now!) and even had a dry riverbed creek running through our property.

Well my session with the Chloe & Jade totally took me back to those summer’s I had as a kid. It was magical. The light was perfect, there were trees and hidden paths to explore and 2 adorable sisters laughing and having fun the entire time.

Chloe & Jade are a perfect example of what I love about kids. They are brutally honest – Jade let me know after an hour she was “bored and done playing now” and Chloe is clearly the boss (older sister syndrome I also suffer from) letting me know where we were going and what we were going to do next.

I am amazed by how much this girls how grown since  I met them a few years ago, and how enchanting there unique personalities are. I cant wait to see who they become as adults, because if it is half as awesome as what they are as children, they will be abosulutly perfect.

Chloe & Jade – thanks for letting me play Alice in wonderland with you, even if I only got to be a card 😉



Christine, FIDM Graduate & Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire!

Trends, Fashion, Style, and the confidence to put it all together and inspire others – that pretty much sums up Christine!

Christine just graduated from FIDM-  http://fidm.edu/ , from the San Diego Campus.  Obviously I love to be around girls who love fashion as much as I do, and so getting to spend the afternoon with Christine in San Diego and letting her wear some of her favorite new trends – that was the perfect afternoon for me!

In my opinion she is light years ahead of her age when it comes to the confidence it takes to fully embrace the fashion world. No fear from her, she is running full speed ahead to totally embrace a career in something she feels very passionate about.

Did I mention this girl also has a fashion blog that is super awesome?!   http://www.styleandaview.blogspot.com/ – visit her blog, it will leave you feeling inspired!

Christine, Thank you so much for such a fun & inspiring day!



Anela Apothecary & Kay Sedia, Real Housewives of Temecula event!

Ok what do you get when you combine a amazing one stop shop beauty boutique Anela apothecary-  www.shopanela.com, a mexican drag queen who sells Tupperware – kay sedia ( who also happens to be a tv star and was featured on “The real housewives of the OC” ) and the who’s who of Temecula?
The Real housewives of Temecula Event of course!

This was quite an event with so many local’s coming out to experience a fun night at the best beauty boutique around! Just to name a few of the fabulous faces that turned up for the event – the peeps from www.tasteoftemecula.net, the owner’s of Coola Suncare – www.coolasuncare.com, Jeff and Julie of  Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine Tours – www.temeculajeeptours.com,  Tina Steinberg of Tina Steinberg Designs – www.tinasteinberg.com and of course the fabulous – Kay Sedia.

If you need proof that this was a awesome event – check out the images below – a picture is truly worth a thousand words!

Thank you to Anela Apothecary for having me to photograph this fun event – it was a awesome night!



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