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Marilyn, The main ingredient in fun!

She loves Cabo, Martini’s, dancing and she has an amazing laugh. No this is not the lyrics to a song, this is Marilyn!

Marilyn is one of those women who you know when you are on a girls trip with her, that she will be one of the main ingredients for fun.  I got to spend a few hours with her for her photo session and we had a great time! She started out by getting her make up done by the Glam Squad, and I heard her and Christina (make up artist) totally cracking up and having fun. After she was ready to go we headed over to the new outdoor mall area at Temecula to get some fun “action” shots of Marilyn doing what she does best – laughing!

I can tell you every time I do a session I love to learn the things about people that you would only know by them sharing with you. I discovered that Marilyn, like me, loves to fish. Very cool chick. She also LOVES ethnic food. Again huge brownie points with me. When she told me that Cabo is one of her favorite places, that sealed the deal right there. This women is awesome.

Thank you Marilyn, I had so much fun getting to know you better! You are one beautiful girl!



A Pirate party! Rowan turns 3!

Close your eyes. Now imagine that you are shipwrecked.  And the island you washed up on has a cool “walk the plank” , a boat, a pirate cave with pirate eye patches and hats. It also has yummy cupcakes and fabulous custom cake and buried treasure in the sand and a pinata, pirate tattoos, and all your best friends are there – that my friends is not a dream, that was Rowen’s 3rd birthday party!

Rowan is the most adorable little boy. He is also an incredibly  polite and well mannered little boy, and his smile just melts you.  I spent the afternoon with a wonderful group of kids to capture Rowan’s big day and I love how the imagination  of children just takes off when you give them a few fun things to play with. I would overhear the kids talking and catch glimpse of some being the “mean” pirate, then deciding to be the “good” pirate. To listen to there world is kinda awesome to me, I think make believe is something that all kids should be able to do for as long as they can.

Rowan shared a lot with me, like his favorite food is blueberries but he also like strawberries. He also wanted to make sure a cupcake was saved to share with his dad (see what I told you about manners!) he would say please and thank you, and even got me a whistle as gift from the buried treasure. I kept the whistle and brought it home. It hangs in my office, and it reminds me how sometimes the most simple of gestures are appreciated.

Thank you so much to the entire Yarnell family for having me be a part of your day , and a SPECIAL thank you to Rowan for our new friendship.



It’s a Jungle out there … Boudoir!

Viva Glam … Part 2!

In the words of a good friend … It’s a Jungle out there , Beautify accordingly!

Exotic, intense, and high fashion – that was the theme for the styling of this look. Make up application by the Glam Squad !

Part 3, coming soon!



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