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The Potts Family, Murrieta family photography session

One of the first things I often get asked when a family books a session is – what do we wear? I always say the same thing – be yourself. If your family does not normally dress up, if you don’t normally match, then don’t do it for your pictures. Your family portraits should reflect how your family really is – and the Potts family took my advice perfectly.

As soon as I met up with them I could tell who they were. That was before even spending time with them. I loved that I did not need to decipher who they were – I could just tell.  They are fun, relaxed, easy going and they are not just family – they are friends.

I am always impressed by great kids. Because great kids are a reflection of great parents.  Clearly these two parents have done a awesome job with Noah & Roslyn. Noah was fun. He has this huge personality – he kept me laughing most of our shoot. He would “pose” for me and turn on the charm, then suddenly he was mister “cool guy” giving me his best zoolander face.  Roslyn (btw I seriously love her name!) is a beauty.  Absolutely adorable, and sassy. Again – clothes matching her personality? Try Fergie fur lined boots – does that show you how fun this little girl is? It does to me! Noah & Roslyn were fun together too. Not often do kids these ages get along – but they did. They have a great attitude of joking around while pretending they sorta don’t like each other – when they clearly do.

Now that you know the kids – meet the amazing parents responsible for them – Jessica & Rich.

Where to even begin with Jessica & Rich. Well for starters – I liked them enough to say that I would love to hang out with them and have a beer. Let’s start there.  Jessica is SO proud of her husband ( and family) and it shows in the way she looks at Rich. Rich is a very devoted husband (bonus points for letting me drag him around for 2 hours for family pictures). He and Jessica had tons of moments where they would look at each other and whisper , or laugh. We spent a few minutes at the end of there session just talking, and it confirmed for me what I knew all along – they are a grounded couple, who appreciate the real things in life.

Potts family thank for makeing my afternoon so much fun to spend with you!



These Sari’s Rock! La Jolla family photography session

For the Kaur family a early morning session at the beach required me having a venti starbucks and a 5:00 am shower. It was all worth it when I met them.  I get easily excited by things , and most definitely  I was excited when I realized I was going to photograph beautiful traditional Indian attire on this lovely group.

I love to observe the basic interactions with a family before I really get started with a session, and a few things became immediately obvious.

1. Sanjum and his father are best friends. These two were joking around and having a genuinely good time.  Pam (mom) leaned over to me at one point and said “these two – they are best buddies” , something that brought a smile to my face.

2. Pam is VERY VERY VERY proud of her two children Sonia & Sanjum.  And rightly so. Both Sonia and Sanjum are doctor’s. That’s right – BOTH of them.  That’s more than just impressive, that is amazing.

3.  Even after 32 years of marriage photographing these two parents was like shooting a engagement session – both of them head over heels in love. I think you can more than just observe when two people are in love, you can actually feel it.

I learned a few things from the family – I need to own a Sari, I know now how to wear a sari, If I ever need a doctor I might have a in with them, and that the world is a better place with these lovely people in it.

Thanks for sharing your morning with me –



Tina Steinberg designs, contest winner! The Myer Family, Escondido family portraits

When I co-hosted a contest with Tina Steinberg Designs I was unprepared for the huge response I received.  I knew as soon as I read through all of them that Angie was the winner. Her words spoke straight to me. They had a honesty and depth and realness that I found candid and lovely.

So when the day came to actually meet her and her family in person, I felt as if I already knew her. It was apparent to me within 2 minutes that the Myer family is one I hope to be friends with for a long time.

Angie & Dan are a great couple. They just celebrated 4 years of marriage. They are so obviously in love. They had quite a bit in common with me and my husband (who was able to come along on my shoot since it was a holiday weekend), and we loved talking with them.  They also have a little love bug “Lucas” who is 3 years old.  I ADORE this little boy. He was so funny – he told me about his “job” that he works only on “Sundays”. When I looked over at his dad for confirmation – Dan laughed and said he had no idea what on earth Lucas was talking about. I love that about kids – they say something that they make up, and they actually believe it too. Lucas had loads of funny comments, a total charmer.

If you ever wonder if there are good people in the world, I assure you that the Myer family is one of them.

Myer family – I am so thankful to have met you. You are everything that makes me love photography – meeting real honest kind people, photographing how much you love each other, and making new friends. In truth you gave me a gift, and for that I am so appreciative.



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