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Wine tasting and a sunset session for free?!

As we grow near to approaching the end of 2010, I thought what better way than to celebrate with a special giveaway?

The Grand Prize

A  jeep tour to the winery of choice by Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine Tours, with a afternoon of wine tasting. Then at Sunset, a beautiful portrait session with the person you are sharing it with by Allie Lindsey Photography *

Second Prize

A bottle of wine from a local Temecula Valley Winery and a $25 GC to Allie Lindsey Photography.

How to win?

You must be a FAN of both Allie Lindsey Photography & Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine tours on Facebook.

  1. Hit Suggest to friends (underneath both profile pictures) of Allie Lindsey Photography & Temecula Valley Jeep & wine tours and suggest to all your friends.
  2. A random # will be chosen from amongst the new fans added on Allie Lindsey Photography on the facebook fan page. If the person you suggested the page too is that #, You win the grand prize AND your friend wins the second place prize!
  3. The contest will run from Now – Dec 1st, and the winner will be announced on Dec 5th. The more friends you suggest the pages too, the more your chances you have to win!
Free tour and portrait session will take place midweek, prior to Jan 31st 2011. Date to be arranged with winner, subject to availability. Portrait session and tour apply only to winner and one other person of your choice to share it with. Wine tasting includes one full wine tasting of 6 tastings. Must be 21 years of age. Second place prize must be redeemed by Feb 28th 2011.
tutu’s, wings and a reading queen, Murrieta Childrens session

When I was eleven I spent the entire summer at home ready every single Nancy Drew book in the series.  My mom would take me the library once a week and I would stock up on as many books as I could carry so that I had enough until the next visit. Not much has changed with me in regards to my love for reading. In fact when I meet someone else who can connect with my passion for escaping into a world of books, it usually results in a pretty long conversation. And I don’t care how old you are – I want to know what your favorite authors are. SO, when I did the Richardson girls holiday pictures and discovered that Alicia loves to read – well she became someone I loved instantly. I hope she did not think I was so strange adult when I even suggested we start a book club and meet up at Barnes n noble sometime. How many pre-teens are that awesome , she is I assure you. OK, so you know she loves reading. She is also a older sister, a role that I share myself and consider one of the best things in the world.

Now little sister Rianna is quite the model. This girl kills me with her attitude. I promise you she will be on a magazine cover one day – no question.  She loves to pose, and smile, and talk, and dance, and model, and dress up …. get the picture? A true little girl for sure!!!! She makes me laugh every time she talks, non stop entertainment! She spent the second half of our session is a tutu and wings and I watched her get really excited when she knew she was going to get to pose in those. Nothing better than dress up!

My favorite part of both these little girls personalities though is how I can see parts of there mom in both of them.  I think they have a really incredible mother. Mandy is doing a phenomelal job of raising these two and she is doing it while her hubby is deployed. Hats off to that, I can see how much extra love that takes when your other half is away serving our country.

Girls – I am ready for a picnic or a dress up dance party or book shopping spree!! (Mandy – if you ever need a break, I am happy to give you a day off and spend it with your amazing girls!!)



Playing with Light, my camera takes a journey …

I will be very honest with you, I RARELY follow other photography blogs. With the exception of a few photography friends and one or two boudoir photographers – I tend to like to avoid them simply because I like my ideas to not be influenced by someone else. Instead I follow HUNDREDS of fashion blogs, because fashion photography has a entirely different perspective on how I see the world.

Just recently I stumbled across some behind the scenes footage from a runway show in Europe. It was all shot from the perspective of a assistant who was just trying to stay out of the way but also document something she was obviously proud to be a part of. The end result was a totally different way of me seeing light.

So I have been playing around and experimenting with new things lately, and I am really in love with the new things I have tried. Here are just a few, would love to know what you think!



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