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Vogue meet Anthropologie, Anthropologie meet Vogue! Temecula photography studio, fashion session

November 29

I want to edit this session like NOW, but I have too many clients in front of it to tackle it so for the time being here is a SMALL sneak peak of my fashion session this week! SO MUCH FUN!!!



How to enjoy a winter afternoon! Spend it with a adorable 2 year old! Children’s photography session, Temecula Ca

November 25

The air is chilly, the weather PERFECT what better than a children’s session on such a great day! :)

P.S  That curly hair has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!!



Happy 1st Anniversary! Couples sexy beach session, San Diego Ca

November 24

When you first get married and the year slips by and suddenly you are celebrating your 1 year of marriage, it feels like the biggest accomplishment in the world. Not sure what it is about that first year but it is special thats for sure!

Cherie and Ryan are repeat clients and actually drove all the way from Sherman Oaks for there early morning session with me to celebrate there 1st anniversary! I am not sure what hubled me more – the fact they had to probably get up at 4 am to leave there house to be at our session on time, or the fact that Cherie wanted to do a second session with me. Of course Cherie and I planned a little “surprise” for her hubby, waiting until the end of session to let him know just how wet he would be getting at our session. Cherie I might add is to awesome for words – was fully committed to her sexy beach pictures and  even though her hair was perfectly styled layed right down in the wet sand waves crashing on her face!!

The best part for me though was getting to watch the two of them interacting and realizing what a trully awesome and perfectly matched couple they are. Body language tells so much about people and since my job is to catch the little things I tend to notice those small details more than most people. Like how Cherie looks at Ryan with a small smile on her face even when he is talking about the most simple of things. Or the fact that Ryan told her she looked pretty when he didnt know I heard him, and if the body chemistry below is not proof enough , well then I am out of words!

Cherie & Ryan, Thank you so much for such a great morning and for driving so far to share it with me! And a HUGE happy 1st Anniversary, hope it was perfect :)!