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A downtown San Diego engagement session, sneak peak!

It was one of those days that was non-stop. It started with boudoir sessions and ended with a engagement session. I consider myself pretty lucky to get to photograph these two beautiful lovebirds on there wedding day in a few months!



New product coming atcha from Tina Steinberg designs! Sneak peak!

I love Tina and I love everything this women creates. So she is in the process of launching a few new items and asked me to head on over to her studio to photograph them for her! Without a plan and just my gear I headed over to put our two creative minds together to photograph her new pieces. And what did I discover while looking for a backdrop to shoot this necklace on? A old picture of her grandmother in her late teens. DONE.

Sneak peak below …. how awesome is this!?

Thanks Tina – I love working with you and being inspired every-time I see you!

Ultimate Mommy Makeover! Who will win?

Growing up I had the most patient mom. She somehow managed to always be at every single game/event for me and my two sisters. She drove us to school, she picked us up. She took us to friends houses. When I failed spanish ( 3 years in a row … and not for lack of trying I swear) she took it in stride and tried her best to keep it in perspective by helping me get tutoring.  When the school year would start she would take us “back to school shopping” carefuly budgeting her money for her 3 daughters.  She put us first. She taught me how to always write thank you notes, how to have manner’s, how to speak to adults, she made sure that I stayed a kid as long as I could. She encouraged my creativity. And she always put her “girls” first.

I watch my many friends, my sister, my clients and women in general who manage somehow to do the most incredible job of being a mother. It looks hard to me, yet all of you make it look easy. I recently had a client who said to me ” I cant remember the last time I had a moment to even get my hair done”. Which made me start thinking …. how often mother’s go without. How often you put your kids first. How much you juggle.

I want to give something back. I want to show all the mommy’s out there that you are beautiful and deserve a break. So , are you ready for the ultimate mommy makeoever?

Contest Rules:

1. Email your picture and a brief descritpion  about what is most rewarding to you as a parent.

2.  You image will be entered into a “contest folder” on my facebook fan page. Ask your friends to “vote” for your picture by commenting or liking your image.

3. The most votes – wins.

4. Contest runs Feb 1st – 28th.

5. Pictures must be emailed by Feb 2nd 2011 to allielindseyphotography@gmail.com.

What do you win? Its good!

1. A Free body wrap (to make you feel extra thin!) to take off those extra inches!

2. A $50 Gift Card to F21 so you can stock up on some cute accessories to wear in your fashion photoshoot!

3. A complete hair styling and make up application for your photoshoot!

4. Yes, obviously a photo shoot with me 🙂 To celebrate how beautiful you are!

The fine print: winner will be scheduled for session and free gifts that coordinate with my availability. session is a 30 min outdoor session at the location of my choice in the SD or Riverside area. Session ONLY applies to the winner. This shoot can not have additional people in it. There is no value, this can not be traded or sold. Session must take place by June 2011. Subject to availability.

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