March 14

A maternity session sprinkled with raindrops … Outdoor Maternity shoot Temecula Ca

The entire day of this session it was uncharacteristically cold and rainy for southern Ca, and for some reason my mood always manages to be reflected in my photo’s. I woke up in the morning craving a warm fire and a cup of coffee … and that is exactly how I spent the day until Katie and Shawn arrived at my studio for there maternity session.

Now I know I always tell everyone how much I love my clients … but I REALLY REALLY do. For instance … discovering that Katie is my long lost cat loving friend who might one day end up with 10 cats , how could I not instantly connect with her?! And even better… she actually liked the book I keep of cats wearing wigs and did not think I was odd for having it (Don’t judge – its awesome)…

Wait wait… she gets better …. its POURING RAIN, she is PREGNANT … and wait for it … wait for it …. Asks “can we do pictures outside in the rain too?” HECK YES! I LOVE when I have clients that embrace the shoot and go for it! I can not forget to mention she went barefoot in the rain, in the mud for some of these shoots – TOTAL dedication = happy photographer :)

I am so excited for these family of 2 (plus kitties) to become a human family of 3 :) One thing I know for certain – she will be the kind of mom that isn’t afraid of playing in the mud :)!!



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