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Gretchen & Scott Torrey pines beach wedding , San Diego wedding photography

By the time Gretchen & Scott’s wedding day had arrived I felt like I was going to witness two good friends exchange vows instead of photographing a clients wedding. From the moment I first met Gretchen I loved her. After months of emails, meetings, engagement session and a dinner out these two became friends. I would not have had it any other way. Watching them pledge to spend the rest of there life together was so beautiful and emotional that it will definitely be a favorite memory of mine.

Things I know to be true: Scott adores Gretchen. Gretchen adores Scott. Gretchen made the most beautiful bride.  The sky that day did those clouds just for them 😉 and because no post of mine would be complete without mentioning food – the food was so good I am still thinking about it.

Gretchen & Scott thank you so much for sharing your day with me. You both made me love my job even more, knowing that I was able to capture your wedding day.



A maternity session that is twice as nice .. Sara & Chris are having twins! Temcula twin maternity

Sara & Chris are the most adorable couple. After 4 years of married bliss they are about to double the size of there family , because they are having TWINS!  If you have ever needed more proof that pregnancy makes a women glow, all you have to do is look at Sara to know that is indeed the case 🙂 She looks incredibly happy and I can only imagine what a joyful experience this is for the two of them to share.

On a side note … this couple is so dang hot together that I know there boys are going to get lucky with the gene pool and be handsome stunners when they arrive 🙂

Sara & Chris – thank you so much for spending the afternoon with me and letting me document such a beautiful pregnancy!



A moment of time, frozen forever . Murrieta newborn photography

My Dad  always says ” the older you get the faster time goes by”, and I never really felt what he meant until just a few years ago. Suddenly babies were no longer babies and friends were no longer single and life was happening in a instant right before my eyes. It feels like yesterday I was married, and I can still remember the first time I held my youngest nephew in my arms and told him that I would always be the aunt he could tell anything too. As a photographer I am grateful that I am given the responsibility of documenting such moments for my family, my friends and all my clients.

Today, I went to visit Cole who’s newborn session I did just this April. Look at how much he has changed in such a short time!  I felt like I was photographing a different baby! Katie (Cole’s mommy) is doing such a great job being a new mom, and I was so happy to see how joyful she looked 🙂

Thank you Katie for having me over to capture all Cole’s changes!!



Tiny new baby Cole ….. April 2011

The little Chunk Cole May 2011…..

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