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Fun in the sun, sand in our pants ..Carlsbad Children’s photography

When I met Nicole & Zane last year for there holiday pictures we ran around a train station in the rain here. So when it came time to do this year’s pictures mom Christine said … lets do something opposite of last year. Somehow it ended up still involving water .. what kid does not love playing at the beach?! In case you cant tell my favorite way to photograph kids … is being kids.  Thankfully for me, there mom was fully supportive of me letting her kids get soaking wet fully clothed so they could enjoy themselves and have those gorgeous natural smiles on there faces 🙂

Being a big sister myself, I cant help but love watching Zane imitate everything his older sister did the entire time. Those are the kind of memories that stay close with you when you get older 🙂 Speaking of getting older … watching my clients children grow holds a special place in my heart.  To see these two again was just about the perfect way to spend the afternoon for me!

Nicole , Zane and Christine … thank you for splashing around with me! Cant wait to see how big you get by next year!!












Katie & Mike, engagement from NYC to Torrey Pines! San Diego Destination Engagement photography

You may remember Katie & Mike from this blog I posted here. Back in June I traveled to NYC to shoot part one of there engagement session in grand central station.  That session could not have been more amazing … only it was because it was followed up by this one! Katie & Mike actually got engaged in Torrey pines and it held a ton of meaning for them as a couple , so when they asked me to shoot part #2 of there session in CA I was all over it.

Getting to see them again was like hanging out with old friends, or in there case new-er friends and a completely amazing way for me to spend my afternoon. Those beach shots … not gonna lie, kinda obsessed with how they turned out.

Katie & Mike … crazy amount of thank you’s for traveling out to CA and for your friendship! This shoot goes down in my “radtastic” category 😉














And here we go … my favorite shots of the day! Yummy light? Yes. Amazing chemistry … heck yes 😉




















Klya & Brian , Ponte winery engagement session sneak peek! Temecula wedding photography

Kyla & Brian are awesomesauce. In fact they are so awesomesauce, they come with a second helping of awesome.  First of all they are incredibly nice. They both were so into having there engagement session that they came prepared. Right down to the matching True Religion jeans, save the date signs and that awesome necklace that Klya had made with her future hubby’s name on it.  They also have AMAZING chemistry together. I LOVE when I get a future groom who actually enjoys having pictures done, and you could tell that Brian was just happy to be spending time with Kyla. Kyla has some of the best hair I have ever photographed. Like ever. I am obsessed with jealousy. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised , she is a owner and stylist of Hello Gorgeous studio in la Jolla.

We started our session at Ponte winery, where these two will be getting married next April.  Once we finished shooting at all the gorgous locations that Ponte has to offer  …. I got a idea. We headed over to a secluded location where the light was calling my name and Kyla and Brian witnessed me walking through not one , not two but about 10 spiderwebs in a row to get the the location that made my photographer heart happy.  Its not often that clients let me drag them through weeds and help me pick out the spiderwebs from my hair too … told you they were awesome.

Kyla & Brian … SO SO SO excited for your wedding day! You are both amazing, and I had so much fun spending that afternoon with you. BTW, those spiderwebs … totally worth it. 😉








































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