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Little love bug Lucy! Vista Newborn photography

Lets talk about newborn babies shall we ? A few facts I think are pretty established:

– They smell AMAZING ( and addictive)

– Those tiny feet and little fingers just scream to be smothered in kisses

– That tiny little sigh they do when they fall asleep … can make just about anyone say “awww”.

If this precious little girl has not put you on “eekkkkk” overload .. wait until I introduce you to her big sister Madden.  Apart these little girls are adorable, but together ..together they will literally take your breath away.

Lucy was born 9/11/11 . And because every newborn has stats, here are her’s:  7 lbs 15 oz. 19.5″ long 😉


Dance party, handstands and the most handsome boys ever + a super hot momma! San Diego Family Photography

When Cheryle first contacted me she proudly explained that she was the single mom of 3 amazing sons. She is also a Marine. She is seriously in need of a new title .. lets try “Superwomen” or “radtastic doer of all things amazing” , yeah those should work 😉

While my shoots are ALWAYS fun , this one happened to turn into a dance party/dance lessons ( for me) when all 3 of her sons showed me their moves.  Dang … are you kidding me?!  These kids are amazing!  Cheryle has managed to not only raise boys that happen to have rhythm, but she has raised 3 polite, fun and very friendly boys. A feat in itself worthy of a medal.  So polite in fact that at the end of our session all of them came up, shook my hand, gave me a hug and thanked me. Then asked when they would see me again.  I melt a little .. really.

Cheryle .. you are one BEAUTIFUL women. On the inside and on the outside. And your family – to gorgous to even put into words. Thank you so much for letting me capture your memories!




Alison & Troy .. So rad it will ruffle your feathers.. Peacock engagement session! Carlsbad Wedding Photography

Let’s chat for a minute about how ridiculously rad this couple is…. First of all Alison has the best name ever. 😉 She also goes by Ali ( duh … does a name get much better?!). Her fiance Troy wore a hat – and a awesome one at that – to their engagement session. Hat= Happy photographer.  They met in high school , and since I am a sucker for young love, I loved their love story.

Ok now that we established a few facts about these two lets get right down to the nitty gritty. I am SUPER STOCKED for there wedding. These two are adorable together ..they also have fantastic chemistry AND they didn’t think I was weird that I kept chasing down the peacocks during the shoot trying to reason with birds to show me their feathers. My kind of people right there.

Ali & Troy .. I think you both are awesome and I so cant wait for your wedding day!! 🙂




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