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One Frame: In the middle of the ocean – Sunset Cliffs Engagement

One Frame: Kimberly + Lowell, Romantic Falkner winery wedding

Amazing is the only way I know to describe the wedding of Kimberly + Lowell.




Hana & Brandon … and Roscoe the dog, a Romantic Darlignton House Wedding – La Jolla Wedding

Love is knowing your best friends most intimate dreams and what makes them happy. The week before the wedding Brandon emailed me to loop me in on a HUGE surprise for Hana. He planned to have their dog (and anyone animal lover would understand this) surprise Hana at the wedding with a guest appearance. The venue did not allow dogs, and Hana was upset that their furbaby would not be part of the wedding day. Brandon racked his brain to figure out the best way to surprise her with a gift and then it came to him … he hired a dog sitter to drive out the dog to surprise her during portraits outside the walls of the venue. It was one of the best secrets I have got to keep ALL year.

The moment that Hana saw Roscoe, and Brandon’s face as he watched Hana’s reaction … best part of the day. Every family is so special, and this one was able to spend it together for a few moments during the wedding. I know Roscoe was thrilled that his mom and dad were officially married!

I always say that you are a reflection of the people you choose to have in your life, and if you had spent the day with This couple and their amazing group of friends (with an EPIC dance party) you would see how truly spectacular they are.

Hana + Brandon … thank you for sharing a wedding day with me that I will never forget!

xo Allie

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