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A letter to my son on your 3rd birthday …

Baby boy,

3 years ago I embarked on the scariest new adventure, and one I knew nothing about … how to be a parent. Truth is though that you have taught me more about life than I could ever teach you. I know one day you will loose your childlike wonder, that these lessons you know so well now will slip away and so I want to remind you of them so when you navigate your own life you remember your own brilliance from the mouth of your child self.

Your favorite phrase is “but why mama, why?”. That is pure brilliance sweet boy. Always be inquisitive, don’t rely on being told .. discover your own truths and understanding in life. There is always an answer, but the meaning can be different for different people.

You notice when people are sad. And you ask about it. That is sympathy, and it is a very special quality. Never get so hard in life that you forget to notice the world around you, and the people in it. It’s easy to be focused on yourself and your own struggles, but remember that your own struggles might pale in comparison to other’s, and that puts things in perspective.

You have a WIDE VARIETY of friends, and you love each of them. Being a part of the in-crowd is totally over-rated. Be a part of every crowd. Diverse friendships let you experience a world far bigger than you realize possible. Respect those differences.

You clap and cheer whenever we do something that looks like an accomplishment to a toddler. Even going to the bathroom. Be a cheerleader for those you love in life.  Especially yourself. There will be times when you need to be your own pep talk, your biggest fan. Remember to be that support system to those you care about, nothing feels better than being a part of someone’s success.

This year has been full of wonder for me and your dad. We have watched our baby turn into a little boy. We want so much for your life, but what we want more than anything is your happiness. Your Grandpa used to tell me when I was little “Untimely, your happiness with your life means I have done my job”. We know that looks different at different stages for you, and right now when you do your chicken dance or pretend to be a pirate, we know your happy. That’s pretty perfect to me.

Love always,


A beautiful modern wedding at the Hotel Bel Air, Los Angeles wedding Photography





An intimate small wedding at the Hotel Bel Air? Why don’t mind if I do! Alison & Kevin had the perfect wedding day for them … surrounded only by family and the closest of friends, it was such a relaxed celebration bursting at the seams with pretty! Alison & Kevin, thank you for sharing your very special day with me!



Hair & Make up: Fiore Beauty 

Venue: Hotel Bel Air

Photo scans: Richard Photo lab 

Details: BHLDN 

A Water boudoir session, Temecula Boudoir studio

I rarely blog my boudoir sessions these days. The longer I have been photographing them the more I realize that word of mouth about the sessions I offer, and respect of privacy are really important to the ladies I photograph. Sometimes though I get the joy of sharing, and this beauty gave me the thumbs up to show her beautiful water boudoir session.

Isn’t she just perfect?!



Photo processing by Richard Photo Lab

Hair & Make up: Bre Payton Design

Dress: Free People

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